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Pump Services, Inc (PSI) is an industrial pump
servicing company that specializes in pump
repair (current and discontinued), pump
reconditioning, OEM style replacement parts,
and alloyed hardcoatings PSI also services
other industrial components in addition to
pumps such as gearboxes, conveyor and
feeder screws, mixers, agitators, and countless
other industrial components.  The main facility 
is centrally located in West Monroe Louisiana,
with an eastern office located in Mobile
Alabama.  PSI services any industry that has
the need for top quality pump repair or replacement parts at an economical price.  The industries we specialize in are:
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Power
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Steel
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PSI’s experienced technicians and machinists provide 20 - 22 hours of operation per day.  This, in combination with our central location, allows PSI to provide quality work in less time.  Pump Services Incorporated has been serving various industrial needs since 1975, and our management boasts over 30 years of industrial experience in engineering and maintenance.  PSI maintains two facilities: a manufacturing facility where all of the replacement parts and hardcoatings are fabricated, and a repair facility where all of the welding and repair work is conducted.  Both of these facilities contain state-of-the-art equipment that allows PSI to provide unparalleled quality at affordable prices.   Some other pertinent facts about PSI are shown below.

- We are Electronic Date Interchange (E.D.I.)
capable and receive purchase orders and send
acknowledgements through the Harbinger
Network.  We have several customers using 
this service including paper mills, power plants,
and refining plants. 

- We are paper mill oriented.  Nearly 75% of our
business is derived from the paper industry.

- We now accept Visa, MasterCard, and
American Express

- We can also supply further references under separate and confidential cover by request.

Some of the benefits that are incorporated into every product and service we offer are listed below. These standards can be expected from every job we do, from the complete process equipment rebuild to the smallest replacement part.  

Each part produced is subjected to a rigorous inspection process to insure quality

Records are kept of every job, during and after the work is done to insure quality in the 
assembly process and for an account of how well the product performed in its application.

We only use certified materials in our parts and can provide copies of the material 
certifications, which are kept on file for 3 years after the material is purchased. 

All shafts are finish ground between dead centers, which makes total indicated run-outs of 
less that 0.002” on shafts up to 72” long the norm, rather than the exception

All sleeves are finish ground between dead centers on precision mandrels or are finish 
ground then precision bored on soft jaws to insure concentricity to within 0.0005” on 
diameters up to 6” and within 0.001” on diameters larger than 6”.

Hopefully the information on these pages will help you see the commitment to our philosophy, which is to continually work towards improving the longevity of our replacement parts, repair services, and hardcoatings at economical pricing.  So when the job requires the best parts and services at the best price, come to Pump Services, Inc. and let our professionals serve your industrial needs. 

Quality Services by People Who Care
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 We are a Timken certfied repair facility.