The Revolution has Begun!

The technology being the  Plexus® Series 90 Hardcoatings is what makes them so effective at extending the part life of the coated part.  The Plexus®  91, coatings use titanium carbide in combination with a nickel alloy matrix material for their erosion characteristics while the Plexus® 94 coatings use titanium carbide in combination with a cobalt alloy matrix.  Both coatings offer superb erosion protection qualities with the only differences being chemical makeup.  These versatile hardcoatings are the result of continuing research and development programs at Pump Services, Inc.  Our West Monroe, Louisiana manufacturing facility has been the site of leading and innovative technology, which has carried us into the twenty-first century.  Our unique Plexus® division has taken the search for better, longer lasting hardcoatings from concept to reality.  The exclusive Plexus® Series 90 Hardcoatings have proven through extensive field testing that they will out-perform ALL of the hardcoatings commonly used in the pumping industry today by a margin of 3 to 1.  

The Heart of Plexus® Series 90 Hardcoatings

The resistance to abrasive wear that these coatings give comes from the extremely hard titanium carbide micrograins which are at the surface of the coating.  The matrix material of either nickel alloy or cobalt alloy securely grips the titanium carbide grains so that they cannot be dislodged.  Since the titanium carbide grains exposed to the surface exceeds 60% (by volume) in both the Plexus® 91 and the Plexus® 94 Hardcoatings, the system is mutually beneficial to the matrix alloy in protecting it from erosion.  The entire system benefits from the extreme corrosion capabilities of the titanium carbide in that it is more corrosion resistant than either of the surrounding matrixes.  

Note:  The most concentrated mixture of tungsten carbide thermosproay powders available for use today is a mixture of 50% tungsten carbide and 50% nickel chrome-boron powder (by weight).  Volumetrically, the tungsten carbide exposed to the wear surface is only 22% to 26%, the remainder of the system is composed of nickel-chrome-boron alloy.  This lower exposure percentage of less effective erosion resisting material is the reason why the  Plexus®  Series 90 Hardcoatings outperform the competition.  It is not uncommon for the Plexus® Series 90 Hardcoatings to outlast nickel-chrome-boron coatings by 6 times and thermospray tungsten carbide coatings by 3 times.

Cost Effectiveness

Not only do the Plexus® 90 Series Hardcoatings outperform the competition, but they have proven to be the most cost effective hardcoatings on the market today.  How  does all of this translate to your business?  It means that the future of hardcoatings is available to you now!
Plexus® Series 90 Hardcoatings
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Series 90 Hardcoating
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