Pump Services, Inc. Repair Facility
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Repair Department
Our repair facility houses two different departments for PSI.  The largest department is the repair department.  This department is where all of the pump repairs take place for PSI.  The equipment that makes up the repair department is listed below.  The equipment listed in blue have attached photos.  Also shown below is a photo of the work area.    

1-20 Ton Overhead Crane
1-Precision Metal Works High Pressure Parts Washer
1-78 x 393 Poreba Engine Lathe (can handle parts 78" in diameter and 33' long)
1-Collet and Engelhardt Horizontal Boring Mill (can handle parts to 12' in diameter 
   and 12' in length)
Various Assembly/Disassembly and Precision Measurement Tools.

Assembly Area
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Welding Department

The welding department is the other facility that is housed by our repair building.  The welding department is where all of the weld repairs are made on the pumps, rotors, and process parts.  The equipment that makes up the welding department is listed below.  A photo of the welding area can be seen below along with some photos of our welders at work. 

Welding Equipment
1 – Thermal Dynamics Pak Master 150XL plasma cutter
1 – Miller Syncrowave 250 TIG welding machine
1 – Miller Syncrowave 180SD TIG welding machine
1 – Miller CP250TS MIG welding machine
2 – Miller CP302 MIG welding machines
1 – Lincoln Wirematic 250 MIG welding machine
1 – Lincoln SP-125Plus MIG welding machine
1 – Lincoln SP170T MIG welding machine

Welding Area
Weld Repair of Process Part
Weld Repair of Bump Rotor
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Repair Facility
Weld Repair of Refiner Disc
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