Pump Services, Inc. offers a wide selection of OEM style replacement parts for numerous styles of pumps.  This includes parts that are still offered by the original manufacturer and parts that have been discontinued from the original manufacturer.  This could potentially save your company a substantial amount of money and downtime in the event that a discontinued part should fail.  PSI could get the discontinued part to your facility quicker than a replacement pump and it would be more cost and time efficient than sizing and ordering an entirely new pump.  All of the parts that are produced at Pump Services, Inc. are manufactured at a quality level that often exceeded the OEM manufacturers original design specifications.  For more details about some of the many OEM style parts we carry, click on the icons in the left menu.  If you don't see an OEM manufacturer that matches your application click here to see the entire list of OEM replacement parts we provide.  So if your company needs high quality OEM replacement parts, whether existing or discontinued, at a competitive price, contact Pump Services, Inc. today and see if we can service your industrial replacement part needs.  
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