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Manufacturing Department
Our manufacturing facility houses 3 separate departments for PSI.  The first and largest department is the manufacturing department.  This department is where all of the replacement parts are manufactured.  The equipment that makes up the manufacturing department is listed below.  The equipment listed in blue have attached photos.  

CNC Lathes
1-Mazak Slant Turn 120" Universal Lathe
(New Equipment, installed 11-03)
1-Cincinnati Milacron 12u x 80 Universal Lathe
1-Cincinnati Milacron 12c x Chucker

Engine Lathes
2-16 x 40 Acraturn Lathes
2-18 x 80 Mazak Lathes
1-21 x 100 Mazak Lathe
1-21 x 120 Mazak Lathe
1-24 x 120 Mazak Rex Lathe
1-24 x 160 Mazak Rex Lathe

Milling Machines
1-Supermax CM-2VASK Milling Machine
1-Pond 72" Vertical Boring Mill
1-Wells Index 747VS Milling Machine
1- Lagun Ft-4 Milling Machine

1-Cincinnati Milacron 14x72 CNC Grinder
1-Landis 22 x 88 External Grinder
1-Landis 20 x 72 External Grinder
1-Landis 14 x 72 External Grinder

Miscellaneous Equipment
1-200 Ton Vertical Press
1-Archdale Radial Arm Drill
1-Sunnen Internal Hone
1-Hypersonic Metallic Powder Spray Gun
3-Colmonoy J-3 Metallic Powder Spray Guns
1-Plasma Spray Gun
1-Norton Rokide Spray Gun for Ceramic Coatings
1-Morrison 1 1/4" Keyseater
1-Baker 3 Keyseater
1-Sullair 24KT Air Compressor
1-Hyd-Mech S-20 Band Saw
1-Peerless 11" Power Hacksaw
1-20" Abrasive Cutoff Saw
1-Schenck Model H40B Balancing Machine
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Plexus® Hardcoating and Alloying Department

All of our Plexus® products are also made in the manufacturing facility.  The work area and some of the equipment beingused for the creation of these products can be seen below.  More details about the Plexus® division can be seen by clicking on the Plexus® link.

Shipping Department

Our shipping department is the last process that is located in the manufacturing facility. Once all of the parts are finished they are sent to the shipping department to be precision checked one last time to insure quality.  Then the parts are packaged and shipped.  The area and one of our quality control specialists at work can be seen below.   
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Manufacturing Facility
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