Plexus® Hypersonic Hardcoatings
Plexus® Corporation's innovative Hypersonic Spray System utilizes a "mile-a-second" jet to deposit hard coatings which are harder and denser than from "D" Gun or high energy plasma systems. By definition, Hypersonic, is a speed greater than five times the speed of sound. The jet gasses in the Hypersonic Gun achieve a velocity of 8,000 ft./sec. through the combustion of several highly explosive fuel gases. The hard coating particles are propelled at over 3,600 ft./sec. while being heated to 2,400° F. The part being sprayed is cooled by various means to keep the substrate of the metal at less than annealing temperature. Due to the high velocity of the particles, an extremely dense and pore free coating is produced that is virtually impossible to break away from the base metal. Because of the low heat generated on the base metal, heat distortion is almost nonexistent. This allows a variety of parts to be sprayed with extreme wear resistant materials that until now, could not have been sprayed. Virtually any base material can be sprayed with this unique process. The possibilities for wear resistant applications are almost unlimited. 

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Hypersonic Hardcoatings Physical Characteristics
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Hypersonic Spray Pattern
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