Pump Services, Inc. is always striving to give the customer the best quality replacement parts available at the lowest price.  This philosophy lead to the development of the a separate division of PSI called Plexus® Hardcoatings and Alloying.  This division specializes in the development of quality hardcoatings.  Through extensive research and development from coordination with our metallurgists, Plexus® has been able to develop over 17 unique hardcoatings  to provide a broad range of protection to components in almost any working conditions.   We feel that our Plexus® Hardcoatings and Alloying products provide the best protection at an affordable price.  So if your critical process parts have the need for the industry’s best hardcoating protection, contact Pump Services, Inc. today and see if our Plexus® Hardcoatings and Alloying division can service your needs.  Or for more details about the material properties, development , and applications of these versatile coatings, click on the icons in the left menu.  
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Plexus® Hardcoatings and Alloying a division of Pump Services, Inc.
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